From Italian ice cream shop to Café Gastro Mediterranean Bar

In 1914, Mimo Ferretti landed in the town of l’Escala from a merchant ship loaded with flour. He found a small fishing port on the shores of the Mediterranean where, centuries ago, Greeks and Romans lived, and in the old village cafe he made deals with the local baker: he would teach him how to make pasta and other Italian artisan products.

The deal turned into friendship, and he transmitted to the baker his other passion: ice cream.

The son of the baker from l’Escala, Pere Sala, who grew up in a workshop where bread, cakes and pasta were made daily, never forgot the ice creams that kind Mimo taught him to prepare as a child.

Returning from a period as an apprentice in a prestigious pastry shop in Barcelona, ​​he decided to make Ferretti’s ice creams and recovered the old wooden ice cream maker that Mimo had built.

He never lost his passion for ice cream and, and on some special occasions, he prepared traditional recipes of artisan ice cream for his grandchildren and friends, or “mantecados”, as he called them, always selecting the best ingredients.

He never thought it could be a business, just a passion to give to his loved ones.

The flavors of childhood are never forgotten. When the idea of ​​opening an ice cream parlor came up in 2001, we agreed: it would be called Ferretti.

We owe Mimo our passion for ice cream.

We were born and raised on the shores of the Mediterranean and we want to share our passion for what we do and inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our products and our Mediterranean lifestyle.

The army of #ferrettilovers grows day by day, more and more people are discovering and falling in love with our stores and products. We have a lot of smiles to share and many ingredients to make you happy.

Do you want to be a #Ferrettilover?

We build personal relationships with our workers, clients, suppliers and other business partners, based on trust and mutual respect. We want you all to feel part of our family, the FERRETTI family!

“Quality means doing the right thing when no one is looking” H.Ford

We use the best ingredients, selected with special care and demand, to achieve excellent products.

We have a firm commitment to our customers to achieve the highest levels of quality in our products, complying with the applicable legislation and with maximum attention to food safety standards.

We are inspired by people and respect all cultures and traditions. We are committed to help those most in need and promoting sustainable business practices that protect future generations. We are optimistic and we believe and fight for a better future.

We promote the use of compostable and sustainable packaging, we avoid the use of plastic and we encourage the reuse of packaging.



We avoid plastics, we use recycled biodegradable materials such as paper, cardboard or more innovative materials such as potato starch, sustainable textiles, etc.


For a container to be sustainable we must use the least amount of material possible. Achieving zero waste packaging is complicated, so we have to try to avoid unnecessary packaging


We offer our customers the appropriate containers and the appropriate indications so that they can dispose of single-use containers in the recycling container.


We apply criteria of the circular economy in the design of the packaging making sure that the container can be reused, for example as a container to store cereal or flour or even as a flower pot. This way we avoid that its life ends as soon as the customer takes the product out of the container and the brand will be present forever in their lives.